Expatriate US citizens paying US taxes continue to face a challenging tax environment. It’s imperative to take specialist advice to ensure compliance and protect your wealth.

This is why Moore Global US Tax Services Limited was created – to offer Americans in the UK a personalized and high quality service for their complex tax needs. 

We can help you by:
  • Preparing your US tax returns and telling you how much US tax to pay. 
  • Working together with our UK tax experts to ensure that the availability of tax credits are maximized. 
  • Providing all the support and guidance needed to deal with the increasingly complex tax environment and identifying opportunities to mitigate your tax position. 
  • Being qualified in both jurisdictions, we can prepare your US and UK returns to ensure your tax position is fully integrated, so that you only have to provide information once, and your affairs are managed so that you are fully compliant with your obligations.
  • Advising on the best way to manage non-compliance with the US’ complex reporting obligations and bringing your affairs up to date with the IRS.
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